Counselling and Psychotherapy

Life is like a journey with ups and downs. All of us are usually resilient and able to cope well with life stressors but sometimes we might need a bit more additional support. Many issues such as work or school stressors, relationship problems, and emotional distress could affect our well-being, disrupt our normal lives, our work and health.

Customized counselling and psychotherapy could be offered to individuals, couples and families a conducive and confidential space to work through these concerns.

In addition, counselling and psychotherapy sessions could be conducted at alternative venues.

  • Home
  • School

This is important for those who may have challenging issues that make it difficult for them to seek support at the counselling office.

  • Psychological or emotional crisis
  • Disability
  • Physical illness

This off-site psychology service can be a solution to these obstacles and make sure these individuals receive the necessary help on a regular basis.


Counselling is typically a shorter term series of therapy or intervention with emphasis on a specific concern or symptom which the individual, couple or familes needs support and guidance on how to manage or resolve.


Psychotherapy is usually a longer term treatment aimed at gaining insight into chronic psychological, emotional and/or physical concerns. The treatment plan focuses on an individual’s thought processes, behavioural pattern and overall well-being in different areas of life rather than just a specific problem.