Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is an important process for any mental health professional offering therapeutic support to ensure safe practices, quality services, and to enhance competencies. Gerald provides targeted individual or group supervision to mental health professionals (e.g. psychologists, counsellors, nurse-counsellors) and students undertaking psychology or counselling training. He also supports supervisees with live supervision in the school, workplace or other off-site setting.

His supervision philosophy integrates Cognitive-Behavioral, Person-Centered, Ericksonian, Multi-Modal, Mindfulness, and Family/Couple oriented approaches which have helped him to manage complex cases with multiple psycho-social and health issues. His focus during supervision is to support students to learn the practical set of skills in order to support their clients more effectively within their eco-system. He also could supervise professionals on how to manage clients facing severe crisis in collaboration with other stakeholders.

In addition, to enhance their competencies further, Gerald can develop supervisees in designing psycho-social/exercise programme and conducting workshops.

step by step - clinical supervision

 Area of Supervision:

• Counselling Competencies
• Managing Psychiatric, Health and Special Needs Conditions
• Using Psychometric Instrument
•  Exercise and Sports Interventions for Executive Function Skills and Psychological Well-Being
• Mindfulness and Body-Mind Techniques
• Employee Assistance Programme
• Programme/Workshop Development