Death & Dying

Death is a definite certainty in life. Some will pass away in ways beyond our control, and many will not know exactly the moment of death itself. However despite the taboo, the journey towards death and dying well can be managed in an appropriate manner. Knowing people could have different views about death and dying, […]

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4 Tasks of Mourning

4 Task of Mourning by Gerald Boh

Many people have heard of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance), and they generally find that these stages could reflect their grieving process, at least to a certain extent.

However, there are some people particularly those with an instrumental approach towards grieving may not […]

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How do we support survivors of suicide to heal?

How do we support survivors of suicide to heal? – By Gerald Boh

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Losing a loved one by suicide is a devastating and traumatic experience. These survivors may feel like their world have fallen apart, and they are left feeling lost, confused and empty. The unexpected nature of the death severely affects them […]

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Understanding Grief after a Loss of your Child

Understanding Grief after the loss of your child – by Gerald Boh

The loss of a child is never easy, simply, parents are commonly accepted not to outlive their children and no parent is prepared for the death of their child.

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We need to remember that the lifespan of your child does not and […]

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Distinguishing Grief and Depression

Distinguishing Grief and Depression by Gerald Boh

When we lose someone through death, it is common for grief, sadness, anger or anxiety to appear sometimes. While these mood issues might seem like depression, the experience of grief is quite different. Grief is precipitated by distress over the loss of another e.g. death. Generally people could go […]

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Losing sleep over your sleep?

Do you find it challenging to fall asleep at night? Do you have problems staying asleep? Or do you feel unrefreshed after waking up?  If you find yourself asking answering ‘yes’ to these questions and have some of these sleep issues, you may have Insomnia.

Well, do not feel alone as Insomnia is actually quite a common problem […]

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Life is a Conversation in the Mind

Life is a Conversation in the Mind.

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